380 Cinema Blvd | Plainfield, Indiana 46168 

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Non-Denominational Christian Church

Every Sunday @ 10Am


380 Cinema Blvd 

Plainfield, IN 46168

New Series:
December 8th-December 22nd

People who were nothing like Jesus liked Jesus.

One word explains why: grace.

Over and over, Jesus leaned toward guilty people and unrepentant sinners. It was a brand-new, unfair, unsettling system that he came to invite us into. So the question, “Whether we need grace or need to give grace, how should we respond?”

In this 3-part series, we will uncover the undeserved, unearned, unearnable favor that Jesus came to offer us.

Tribe Church is a life-giving, non-denominational Christian church in Plainfield, Indiana. We are all about community, authentic friendship, and a relationship with Jesus.

Tribe Church desires to create atmospheres that unchurched and dechurched people want to be a part. People need a place to belong before they believe. It is our hope that you can see yourself belonging here. We probably won’t look like a lot of traditional churches you have been in and we are ok with that. We are willing to do anything short of sinning to connect people with God.


At Tribe we aren’t just a church, but a community of people. We like to look at ourselves as a movement. We want to make a difference in our world. We don’t know yet what God holds for us and the future of Tribe, but we hope you’re a part of it. 

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